One Minute Writer – November 3rd

This was written for The One Minute Writer Blog on November 3rd, 2011.

Daily theme: Cautious: Write about a way in which you are extra-cautious.


My partner gave me a ring last week, a very expensive engagement ring. Most people would be excited about showing off their sparkles, but I am nervous, very nervous. I have a history of loosing jewelry. When I was 10 my dad bought me an expensive watch. I lost it within a week. He bought me a second, I lost it too. He found me a cheap one on the beach, that was gone a few months later. I’ve never owned a watch since. My jewelry box is filled with missing halves of earing sets, waiting patiently for the other half to miraculously turn up. Given my history am I being overcautious by looking at this ring 1000 times a day to be sure it hasn’t gone missing? I’m secretly wishing I could just keep it in it’s box in a locked up place where it can’t go missing.


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