One Minute Writer – November 5th

This was written for The One Minute Writer Blog on November 5th, 2011.

Daily theme: Friday Fiction: Lipstick. Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt “Lipstick.”

It’s November, a month and a half away from the summer holidays. I’m sitting on a stops all stations train on my way to work. It’s 8:15am. I managed to fluff up my hair, put on some mascara and some bright red lipstick to brighten up my pale, tired, sunken face in hopes that others won’t notice how exhausted I am. I feel 50 this morning, despite the fact that I’m 32.
The train stops at Chatham and two bubbly high school girls wearing matching short skirted uniforms sit down near me. I am buried behind a home and garden magazine ignoring the two girls as they gossip away. At Canterbury station I look up as another matching high school girl with bright pink lipstick enters the carriage, waves, walks towards us and sits down in the remaining seat across from me. The conversation gets more animated then ever.
“Oh my god Emma, are you, like, wearing LIPSTICK?”
Emma: “Yeah, but it’s so creamy, I love it”
The high school girls reply while slyly looking my way, “But Emma, lipstick is, like, so 1990s, you should put on some lipgloss instead.” “Yeah, lipstick is, like, what middle aged office ladies wear.”
A slight alarm starts to rise within me. A horrifying thought creeps to the surface. Oh my god, I must really look 50!

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