He Went to War

I wrote this poem a year ago.  Back then I wasn’t one for sharing what I wrote.  Seeing as it’s Remembrance day, a time of year I think about my grandfather alot, I felt I wanted to write something this year.  But since these words express so beautifully my grandfather and his story, I decided upon re-reading to share this instead 🙂  
He went to war with his two brothers.
Not only to explore
But also because he was hungry  
A made up age making him older than he was 
Just a teenager really 
A starving boy from Merritt.   
He didn’t have much education 
Of the school kind 
Grade 7 was as far as he made it   
He didn’t care, because it didn’t matter 
He had survivor skills 
That’s what mattered.   
So he joined the army 
And he marched to Kamloops 
And then onto Vancouver   
He crossed the great country 
Then sailed the rough Atlantic to England 
Where he trained.  And he learned   
To be a soldier 
And to face death 
Again and again…   
He ate cheese and crackers from his pack 
And he slept in muddy ditches. 
For weeks at a time.   
He drank as soldiers do 
He smoked like a chimney 
And danced with local girls   
He went to France 
He went to Algiers 
He would even speak French to prove it.   
He fought in Italy and fell in love 
With a pretty Italian girl 
A name I share.   
He danced and he sang 
He made friends for life 
And happy memories   
But he watched his friends fall 
And he lived to tell me about it 
Stories I won’t forget   
My grandpa was a kind man 
When I felt no one cared 
He always did.   
He believed in peace 
In changing times 
And holding no grudges   
I often felt he was the only one 
Who could understand my plight 
My desire to travel   
So he fed me stories 
Of adventures long past 
And he encouraged me to go   
He wrote me letters when I was homesick 
And made me feel strong 
He understood   
He fought in a war 
So that I could live in peace with those he fought 
And I do   
Thank you grandpa 
I miss you 
This is for you.

2 thoughts on “He Went to War

  1. Debbie says:

    You have moved me!Very touching

  2. brian says:

    wow what a verse…very nicely done…

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