Weighty Ghost

I tried to share a video here of song Weighty Ghost by Wintersleep to play while you read the story below.  Unfortunately WordPress isn’t exactly like Facebook and I can’t just share it for you all to see.  So if you’d like to hear the song anyway, click HERE for the Youtube Video of Weighty Ghost. 

Ghosts are most evident in the countryside and it seems that is the direction they were headed.  She would have to find a way to block them out before she saw them as they drove down a country highway heading north west.  She had no choice.  It was to be a surprise, there was someone he wanted her to meet, and she had reluctantly agreed to go.  She would have declined had she known what it required.  She really liked him, but she wasn’t really up for the circus coming out to entertain only to get chased out, again.  Because isn’t that what always happens?  Isn’t that the way?  And so she played the card of hard to get, so as to shield her battered misunderstood heart. 

All she secretly ever wanted was to be loved and accepted for who she truly was and that had proven impossible to have.  So she cursed what she saw and she cursed what she heard, because it had cursed her first.  In time she had developed a hardness for life that was evident in the lines on her face, because it never really ended did it.  She had moved to the city years ago, where no one knew who she was, or knew what she could do.  She could be the circus act, and everyone would just avert their eyes and pretend she wasn’t really there.  There is just something about a city, all those people crammed into such a dense area, no one really knows where the other belongs, so they don’t care and they carry on their way getting lost in the crowd before they are even found.

They turned down a gravel road which seemed to have been mostly gobbled up by the forest.  There were plenty of potholes, and the jolting of the car with each bump made her sit upright.  Her hair started to stand on end, and her head started to pound.  She wanted to shut it all out but she couldn’t.

She knew what was coming.  She felt it growing stronger by the minute and there was nowhere to turn around. 

The car pulled up in front of on a rundown wooden homestead overgrown with weeds.  A few of the windows had been boarded up.  There was a large jacaranda tree in the front casting shade over the front veranda.  She sensed the presence within the house, standing near the window.  Someone was still there despite the fact that this place had been abandoned for years.  She felt sick to her stomach, and her heart was pounding.  He was going to find out if they went inside and there was no where to run.  The feelings were too strong now, she couldn’t hide them, or escape into a crowd of people staring at the ground. 

He unlocked the door and with a gentle smile on his face beckoned for her to come in.  She walked towards the door clutching a little too tightly to the handrails.  Her palms sticky and sweaty, her breathe heavy. 

Inside she was greeted by an old lady who approached.  Her hair was tied back in a bun, she was perfectly kept despite all the dust and cobwebs in the house, and she had soft eyes so similar to his.

“Good morning love, it’s good to meet you,”  the old woman said.    She wanted to close her eyes and make the lady fade away into haze like in the movies.  She felt truly ill now, too afraid to look at John.  She could feel his eyes on her.  Her world was spinning and at any moment everything was going to start exploding like fireworks and she’d be labelled damaged goods and tossed aside.  But to her surprise, John spoke, and it  clearly wasn’t to her.  “Hi Nana, I’d give you a kiss but I’d just end up kissing air again.  Hahaha. Your looking the same as ever, sorry I haven’t been by to visit in ahwile.” “Hello John, your girlfriend here is a pretty little thing, I’m so pleased you brought her to meet me.  The old woman turned then and met her eyes.  “Are you alright dear, you look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”   The old lady laughed and gracefully reached out to her and touched her arm, to reassure her that everything was ok.  The air seemed to have left the room.  She stopped breathing.  The circus was all set up, the other actor was on stage, she felt pressured to perform but at that moment she had stage fright.   She started to back up slowly reaching out for something to support her, anything, as she felt as if she was going to faint.  She wanted to run, fast, to leave her one woman circus behind her forever, she didn’t care where to. 

But everything was all wrong.  John was supposed to be in the audience, booing his disapprovals, throwing curses at her misunderstood heart. How did he get on stage, how did he manage to join her circus?   

John wrapped his arms around her, gave her cheek a little peck then whispered into her ear “I’m just like you, you know, I see her too!” 

I actually wrote this for writeonedge.com.  The prompt was to share a scene from your book which will someday get made into a movie, what song would use for the soundtrack during this scene.  Well I haven’t started writing a book yet, so I just wrote a scene.  There was a word limit off 300 and I exceeded 800, oops!  Greatful for the imagination the prompt triggered, and the writing that ensued.  🙂  


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