A Pretty Red Sofa


A Pretty Red Sofa


A pretty red sofa was left out one day, it’s life was over,

So to say


It had lived so happily, inside that trendy home 

Now it’s a symbol of fashion decay


It was a gift of roadside rubbish, for anyone to take

Preloved and worn but still in tack


Grabbed in the dark of night, by a man with no ute

That little red sofa seemed back on track


He heaved and he howed, and he dragged that sofa 

When suddenly his poor back gave way


Painfully he rested there, under a trainless bridge 

Until the morning birds bid him G’Day


He gathered up the cushions, and carried on home

Sofa incomplete it now lay


Twice abandoned, is this pretty red sofa

Much to an op-shop lovers dismay. 


This poem is a tribute to all the roadside hard rubbish that has adorned the streets of Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs these past few weeks, sadly awaiting it’s December 1st fate of the Melbourne rubbish dump.  It’s been crying heavy tears of spring rain recently which has made the collection of mouldy beds, cracked chairs and old TVs  all soaked and soggy and thus no longer appealing to the opshop lovers, parts collectors, and backpackers looking for temporary furnishings.   Rest in peace dear Roadside Rubbish, and to you too Pretty Red Sofa.

 Written for & linked up at Magpie tales.

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Red Sofa

  1. kaykuala says:

    So it is. The roadside ‘treasure’ left to its own bidding. It did not say much of those who conveniently abandoned these and created the eyesore!


  2. zongrik says:

    nice little rhyme

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