The Magic Pen

It's worth the wait

It’s worth the wait

It was the best birthday present she could have asked for, a seemingly magical pen from a great aunt from a rather curious shop in an old alley way in the city.  For the first time in her life she didn’t have to write in code, mixing up letters and numbers in a form of jumbled nonsense that even she had difficulties interpreting later on.

All these years she had been frustrated at the lack of privacy she had endured, with each discovery of his secrets on her pages, a pillaging invasion of her inner world unfolded, the thermometer in the room would rise a couple of degrees as anger seethed heat from his pores as she stood stark still in horror while he read each word out loud, then cornered her for more as he scrunched up the precious secrets with his calloused yellow fingers then cut up the crumpled pages with dirty scissors  and threatened the same treatment to her wrists or neck next, anything to make it stop.  A volcano, that’s what she felt like, all that hot lava swishing around inside, burning, spewing, bubbling, but she was never was the erupting type.

She knew deep down anger was not the best way to deal with things, it was not the best approach, most especially with him.  She had been taught manners, and how to be polite, like all good little girls are.  So she folded her hands together, pressed her lips tight, fought back tears, and when he had exhausted himself in his cruel attempts at extracting more, she excused herself from the room.

The words flowed from the pen, so fine, the letters entering the page as if she were writing from a pin. As the letters formed the ink turned as white as the page, the camouflaged words of a chameleon, that only she could see.

The pen flew faster and faster, the secret words had grown wings of a bluebird and moved with speed and grace across the lines in her notebook and melted into the white fluffy cloud coloured paper.  She thought of flying and becoming one with the clouds, like the angels that she heard from above, but never actually saw, and only ever on cloudy days.  She heard singing from above mixed with the gentle patter of rain, and knew that they were right, it was worth the wait.


I took a little blog writing vacation when I went back to Canada in May, and now that I’m settled into June, and back into my Australian routined life, my creative mind came out to play.  I decided to write this little story for a linkup at World of my Imagination blog.  The prompt is the photo above, and the words to be included in the story are: manners, pin, chameleon, thermometer, birthday.  


7 thoughts on “The Magic Pen

  1. I’m really intrigued by this. It’s the type of writing I started out doing and this piece makes me miss it. I would definitely love to know more about this girl’s world.

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh I really liked this – it was almost dream like. I love the feeling she felt to finally write and let herself be taken away – it took me away!

  3. I like your story. My older brother found my journal once and read it to his friends. I was devastated. You totally took me back to that. Wish I had a magic pen. Save me a lot of aggravation.

  4. Heather Musk says:

    I enjoyed this very much. The release of the main character was very well described, I felt myself going too.

  5. Jane Bussey says:

    I really enjoyed this. I stopped by from my blog to read your Wednesday story and I think the idea of a magic pen is wonderful.

  6. Yolanda says:

    Thanks for stopping by everyone. Sometimes the best writing we do is when we write something we know really well, even if we don’t realize we are doing it. There have been enough times I’ve been so blocked up that it feels like the words start piling up in my head, and when something finally shifts, the words come tumbling out faster than I can type. There is a freedom that comes with expression. Us writers can attest to that.

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