An Update on Life 

I lie here curled up in bed on a Thursday night feeling relief.  I feel like I’ve got my life back, though I know that I don’t fully.

In March we started looking around to buy a house.  We began more casually to see what was out there.  As we flipped through the real estate websites and visited house inspections every Saturday we gradually got a feel for what we liked, what we didn’t, what we needed, and what we could afford.  Gradually as time went by and our confidence grew, we became alot more serious about it.  We expanded the suburbs in the real estate searches, spending 2 hours every Tuesday and Thursday evening going through them all, planning our route, and then seeing between 3-5 houses each Saturday whilst trying to squeeze in a quick Yum Cha lunch with Sam’s parents in between.

People were wondering why it was taking us so long to find a house.  Some said we were being too picky.We saw houses older than Sams parents, new houses, ugly houses, colourful houses, lacking in light houses, haunted houses, crowded houses and once we even got stuck in the mud!

Sam and I are both “feeling” people. When it comes to houses, it either doesn’t feel right, it feels ok, or it feels amazing.  We refused to settle for anything less than amazing.  The second sign that the house was right was if we both couldn’t stop thinking about it for hours/days after.  Sam and I are such a good match because we are always on the same page, we always get the same feeling.  It has made things so much easier.

We had a few close calls on some houses that felt amazing and each time totally crushed us for days so we knew we weren’t being too unrealistic.  The first was a beautiful home at the South Eastern foothills of the Dandenongs that was just too far away – an hour and a half commute to my office in Melbourne city centre.  The second house was in the Eastern part of the Dandenongs but right in the middle of the highest risk bush fire area and we wouldn’t be allowed to rebuild if our house burned down.  The third house next to a large reserve park got snatched up before we got a chance to put down an offer.

A week and a half ago Sam and I were working away in our small kitchen.  We were both getting frustrated by the lack of space.  The next day Sam wanted to write some music but there was just too much stuff in the office and he felt too crowded to create.  I feel something shifted for us that weekend.  We reached that point where we’d reached our limits.  It was like we’d officially outgrown our little unit and were truly ready to find a house.  In my desperate plea to the Universe, “Ok, we need a house NOW.”  I wasn’t sure if I was reassuring myself that a house was about to come, or if it was actually the Universe responding to my plea. Regardless, there was a strong niggling feeling in my gut all last week that we were going to find a house.  Last Thursday as I went through the searches of all the neighbourhoods, I suddenly typed in a neighbourhood I hadn’t looked at since Easter:  Heathmont.

Back during Easter, we were sitting in my sister-in-law’s living room in Heathmont and I thought “I wonder how much houses cost around here?  This Gum tree filled neighbourhood is so quiet and pretty.”  Every house listed was way over our budget so I never looked again.  The truth is, Heathmont is closer to the city centre than the other Eastern suburbs we were looking at, so that’s why it was so expensive.  But last week as I looked through all the Heathmont listings, the most beautiful house caught my attention.  It was artistically and creatively designed and renovated.  It was the most beautiful house we’ve seen in a while.  The price was not as high as many of the other newer homes, but still borderline too expensive.  We went to the open inspection anyway.

I fell in love with the house, especially the tree filled large backyard.  One of my requirements was a treed outlook, and a backyard that gave a feeling of quiet peaceful space and would allow me to have a vegetable garden.  Sam and I instantly agreed – the house felt amazing.  We put in an offer and it was accepted.

Pending that everything goes smoothly, we shall move in the beginning of October, just in time for spring planting.  We are so excited to have found such a beautiful home.

It will be nice to live walking distance to Sam’s sister.  Our children will grow up so close to their cousins, a luxury Sam and I never had as my cousins were scattered across Canada, and his were in Hong Kong and Canada.  One of my cousin’s who is 10 years older than me came to live with us for a few years when I was a girl.  She’s still my closest cousin and I love and adore her to bits.  Also, Sam’s brother in law is an Australian born German.  I’m Canadian, and Sam and his sister Ruby are Hong Kong born Chinese.  I’ve always thrived in a multicultural environment, and I hope my children will too in Heathmont so close to family.

So although I feel I have gotten my life back, now that I don’t have to spend 4 hours a week looking through property listings and spending my Saturdays at house inspections, there is still so much to do.  I’ve got a big

move ahead of me, and our wedding is 3 months away.  Perhaps now I can hopefully start to find some time to meet up with some friends, get out dancing again, and write more stories.


One thought on “Relief

  1. Nicole says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you found a house! I was wondering how things were going for you! Its really nice to live near family too. That’s so important!

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