Everything is black. I am aware of movement.  I am moving, or rather, I am on a moving vehicle going at a rather fast pace.

With a sudden woosh I have entered into light.  The tunnel quickly forgotten.  My eyes water and my head hurts from the blinding surprise. 

My eyes seem to take longer than usual to adjust.  It’s as if there are some supercharged spotlights outside, like the kind you see at the footy stadium, and it seeps in like glue. I’m confused, but before I can give it any more thought, a slight clearing of a throat catches my attention and I realize I’m not alone. 

I squint my eyes and turn my head slowly. Shapes start to form around me.  Human shaped holes poke through the bright golden white glow. An old man with silver chin stubble is sitting to my right.  He seems to be smiling at nothing. I hear clacking and a horn and realize I’m on a train. I turn to my left. A mangy dog is licking its hind leg, drool trickling down the seat.

I close my eyes and relax into the hum.  A feeling of peace and contentment gradually washes over me, it feels nice.  But then I start to realize that I don’t know where I am, or where I’m going. I must have hit my head, because I can’t remember anything. I fight the peaceful feeling and panic wells up from my stomach. Something isn’t right. Perhaps I should ask someone where I am.  I start to feel as if I’m not meant to be here.

I open my eyes.  The light is a little less bright.  I can make out people, and more animals on the train.  Most of the people are elderly, but there are others too.  I get out of my seat.  I start moving, holding onto bars as I walk unsteadily.  I’m not sure why I don’t stop.  I could ask anyone, but I keep going, I pass row after row of passengers, cats, dogs, birds, and a kangaroo. My feet propelling me forwards.  I open a door and enter a new carriage.  Before the door shuts behind me I feel it. It hits me hard in the gut, and I stop and nearly topple over from the intensity of it combined with the movement of the train. The only word I can find to describe it is love. Pure unconditional love.  It’s sweet smell fills my nostrils. I never knew that love had a scent.  I look around to find the source and I spot her. 

She glows brighter than the rest, her features hard to make out and yet she’s beautiful.  I sense her smile and it makes my heart melt.

She faces a sandy blonde haired man sitting next to her.  They are conversing. She places a delicate hand on his knee. It’s as if his skin is translucent as light shoots through his entire being causing him to glow brighter. I gather my courage and I take a wobbly step towards her.  My knees are shaking.  I inch closer and closer, holding onto whatever I can for support.

I am standing in front of her.  She turns to face me.  Her eyes meet mine yet somehow travel through to the very core of my being. In that moment she sees and knows everything about me. She nods slightly, her eyes not leaving mine and I feel a strange energy gather me into it’s arms. All the hairs on my body stand up and I’m covered in goose pimples.  A shiver runs through my body. My mouth feels pasty. I open it to speak. Suddenly I feel a jolt and I collapse. I reach for her but all has gone dark. 

I hear voices, beeping, a shrill siren far off in the distance.  I open my eyes. Two uniformed men are standing over me looking relieved. Everything is still swaying, but I’m no longer on a train. Medical equipment surrounds me. The taller man speaks: “We lost you there for a few minutes mate, welcome back to the land of the living.”  

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I wrote flash fiction.  A year long bout of baby brains severely zapped my creativity.  This was written for The Tsuroka Files Midweek Blues Buster.  The prompt a song: Beautiful by James Blunt.  If you haven’t heard the song you can watch the video here.