Who’s Landa?


Hi, I’m Yolanda.  I live in Melbourne, Australia.  I like to call myself an explorer.  From an early age I was given opportunities to explore my world.  I grew up in Western Canada where there was an abundance of forests, mountains, and lakes.  I explored these places with my nature loving grandfather throughout the seasons of my childhood.   I left Canada at the age of 24 and spent 6 years living in and exploring Asia before finally settling down in Australia.

During my time in Asia I started discovering new places within me, places I had never been, filled with emotions I had never felt, and inner visions I had never before seen.

I spend so much time exploring my inner world, and when I have time, I go for a walk, or I hop in the car, or on a plane and I explore while taking in the beauty of this planet.

I love going somewhere new, being in forests, dancing, making silly faces, exploring, and writing of course.  This blog is a reflection of well, part of that, as I dance the words of the world around me and within me.


Let me know what you think

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